Houserule: Rituals and Rites

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Houserule: Rituals and Rites

Post by Paladin (ST1) on Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:16 am

Rituals are effectively another Gift List that all werewolves have affinity with. Rituals are not abilities taught to werewolves by the spirits as reward for their deeds of Renown, instead they are ancient rituals, the knowledge of which is preserved by the Uratha over generations. The People retain the ability to use these rituals, and many "occult rituals" seen by humans are a poor simulacrum of these true and powerful invocations that Uratha can learn to perform.

Gaining Rituals:
To gain dots of rituals requires a number of actions:
1 Dot, 1 action.
2 Dots, 1 action.
3 Dots, 2 actions.
4 Dots, 2 actions.
5 dots, 3 actions
There is no draw associated with this.
Rituals cost 5xp per new dot.

Learning Rites:
Rites may be learned by three methods:
1. When you gain a dot of Rituals, you will gain a rite of the same level.
2. By being taught the rite by one who already knows it. Requires an action from both parties.
3. With a successful Occult Influence action - successes required equal to the xp cost of the rite, successes accumulate over multiple months.
Rites cost 2xp per dot.

As with developing Renown and learning Gifts, the XP must be available on your character sheet for the action to be successful.

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