Characterful: Episode One

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Characterful: Episode One

Post by Paladin (ST1) on Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:07 pm

Welcome to part the first of 'Characterful', in which we suggest to you possible improvements, adjustments, and/or directions for your character.

One of the key themes of our game Werewolves of London is the development of a character, towards becoming a better werewolf, learning and defining what that means for them.
As such, it's a really good idea as a player to have in mind a goal and a pathway of getting to that goal. Naturally, sometimes things occur in game which will alter the goals your character (and maybe even the player) has, however it is still good to have a direction to be travelling, even if that direction changes due to game events.

In this episode of Characterful, what we'd like to suggest is having a look at the relevant sections of the Werewolf books.
-First, we suggest people read Lore of the Forsaken, Chapter 2.
This gives examples relating to Auspice, and how those Auspices vary by tribe, how they interact with other Auspices.
It also contains some interesting character archetypes, note this is not an exhaustive list, you may wish to pursue one of these archetypes, or make your own. Read these for inspiration.
-Second, we suggest reading through Chapter 1 and 2 of "Werewolf the Forsaken", focusing perhaps solely on your character Auspice and Tribe.
These two chapters also give you some ideas on what Gifts and abilities you can develop your character towards.
Note that much of the knowledge in this book is available to your characters as well, but it might not be something they have taken the time to learn.

We advise reading these as it will give you an OOC understanding, however if you do not wish to as you find it easier to learn things IC as your character, that is acceptable. Note, however, that at this point in the game it is feasible for you to have learned much of what we've suggested you read, and to have learned this from your contacts with other tribes.

If unsure, please ask.

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