Character appearance

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Character appearance

Post by Samuel Hyde on Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:47 pm

I'm posting this as I've had the thought that some players have no way of knowing that Sam isn't a short, balding middle-aged man and may have been interacting with their characters as such. In fact, I have no idea what other PC's look like either which is going to be changing my own interactions with them.

Sam is of medium height (Somewhere round 5'10"/5'11") with dark hair, wiry build and looks to be in his young-mid 20's. He wouldn't stand out in a crowd and tends to avoid notice but if observed his movements are swift and economical. He walks head-up and his eyes are constantly assessing his surroundings. In social situations he's not shy, but not an obvious leader. He tends towards few words but can be persuasive and even slightly eloquent when he does speak for longer. He often wears somewhat bulky clothing that may be a little inappropriate in warmer seasons and climates but doesn't seem to sweat even while doing so. For a Werewolf, he is extremely controlled and can even seem placid if you aren't good at reading people.
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Re: Character appearance

Post by Andy Lyall on Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:46 am

Andy is extremely average, bordering on generic to look at. She has few distinguishing features, and is fairly easy to misplace on account of being average height at best. She carries herself as if her physical form is borrowed from someone else and she's unsure how to pilot it, although she's surprisingly nimble when she feels the need.

Andy always looks in need of a good feed and a nap, and she sounds perpetually hoarse. She comes off fairly snarky at first blush, but if you're perceptive she's genuinely quite sincere and sometimes even heartfelt in the way she expresses herself. Despite her exasperated and put-upon exterior, Andy seems strangely prone to episodes of childlike wonder and dweeby enthusiasm, and it's common to see her staring inquisitively at her surroundings, no matter how mundane they may seem.
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